Aval Peyar Tamilarasi(2010) Movie Review

Films with a rural flavor have been the most sought after subject for film makers in Kollywood after spate of city based subjects ruled the box-office thanks to the stupendous success of “Subramaniyapuram”. Meera Kathiravan who has written and directed this movie decided to stick with the rural theme to provide a story which strikes an instant chord with the mass audience. Jai after a dull run in Kollywood has penned lot of hopes on this “Aval Peyar Tamilarasi” (APT).

The movie begins on a flashback mode with a voice over introducing Jothi (Jai) as an individual who could be seen everywhere in daily walks of life. The story rolls back in time where Jothi a 10 year old boy lives with his affectionate grandfather (Theodre Bhaskaran) in a village where rains are scarce and hence the whole village is drought struck. A group comes to this village to stage “Koothu” (a traditional form of theatre) in which Tamilarasi is also a part of it. Jothi who likes Tamilarasi at an young age compels his grandfather to make them stay in the same village.

Jothi and Tamilarasi (Nandhagi) go to the same school till 12th standard. Tamilarasi completes her final exams with flying colors while Jothi flunks in the same. Tamilarasi gets admission to a college in Pune which upsets Jothi and unable to bear the separation from her he goes overboard and things take a different twist from there on as tragedy strikes Tamilarasi’s family more than once.

Due to circumstances Jothi and Tamilarasi get separated from each other and life takes different propositions till Jothi comes in search of her after a gap of eight years to lead a life with her. The end is however quite ordinary and predictable which pushes this movie to the normal run-of-the-mill category. The comedy element in the film is taken care of Kanja Kauppu but again it is more of a separate track from the main storyline.

Director Meera Kathiravan who has shown his brilliance in the first half literally limps in the latter part of the second half which leads to the climax. The main spoiler in the movie is the screenplay which should have been altered greatly to bring in the impact which movies like “Subramaniyapuram” and “Pasanga” to name a few had on the audience.

Jai has matured greatly as an actor and in the role of an 18 yr old boy his body language is simply amazing. Nandhagi as Tamilarasi is very raw in her acting which goes well with the character. Theodre Bhaskaran looks apt for his role but in terms of his acting there is definitely scope for improvement.

Art director Moorthy has brought in the feel of the village to perfection and Cinematographer P G Muthiah has captured the rustic locales with the required flavor. Vijay Antony’s music does not have an effect on the whole and the songs are also of average quality.

“Aval Peyar Tamilarasi” begs to differ but unfortunately falls short of expectations.

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